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                                         Created by Kenny Florian in collaboration
                                         with A+R Tactics and Jared Paulo

Argus Integrated Defense unites proper firearms & martial arts techniques into a complete approach. 

Decades of world class mixed martial arts and real world experience in LE & military make up the foundation of Argus Integrated Defense. 

It is a program that fills a void for civilians and non-civilians looking for the most effective and efficient methods to protect themselves and others.


Kenny Florian

Altonio Rivers

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Nicole Thurman

Jared Paulo

No upcoming events at the moment

"This seminar was top notch.  Among the best training I’ve attended in my 21+ years in law enforcement.  Great training.  Dedicated, compassionate instructors."


LE Officers Two Day Pew Jitsu Course Attendee

"I thought this course opened my eyes a lot to the facets of crossing disciplines. I really appreciated the attention to detail in the course and the time spent to help us feel comfortable with the material."


Civilian Pew Jitsu Course Attendee

"I came in with little to no prior weapons training.  This was not totally inaccessible for me, but did have to adjust to get up to speed."
Civilian Pew Jitsu Course Attendee

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